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Dr. Lesa M. Seales

I had a handful of impactful moments in my life that helped me discover my calling to chiropractic care, but the first was my own battle with physical pain. Due to a childhood injury I had a lot of lower back pain that troubled me throughout the early part of my life and it pushed me to understand the human body. Acting on that, I went into the military after graduating high school and became a medic, on my way to a profession as a registered nurse.  I gained some great insight on how to heal others and myself; However, I saw a lot of servicemen and women treating only the symptoms of their aches and pains created by a harsh military lifestyle.

These influences helped me discover the holistic healing capabilities of chiropractic care for the first time after a rough military bootcamp experience. A chiropractor brought my body the equilibrium it needed and I then knew that this was now the path I was seeking, my journey to better understanding the body through a chiropractic education began. I went to Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1994 with my two infant children attending a few of my classes, and to be honest I couldn't have asked for better study buddies. But they weren't the only ones helping me along my journey through life.

Finding God on my path to becoming a doctor of chiropractic has allowed me to create an environment that speaks to both the body and the spirit. I spend my days not just healing your body, but learning about you, your family, and your needs. We will take a look at every part of the human structure and I want you to know that it is an honor to be able to place my hands on you and heal you from within. You'll more than likely never have the same adjustment twice and I'm proud to be the reason behind your new healthy life.

Let's get your health back

Getting your body back on track and feeling the way it should starts with being in alignment. Combined with proper exercise, diet, and sometimes natural supplementation, chiropractic care & massage will relieve your aches and pains and bring your body to a healthy, natural state.


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I am no professional story-writer (that talent skipped a generation and went to my youngest daughter) but I do enjoy sharing the medical accomplishments of chiropractic care and conversing with those who have a genuine curiosity about the field. If you'd like to learn more, and hear more about my story, please, take a look at my blog! Happy Reading!